Cooperation key to fast Covid recovery

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NAIROBI: Strengthening cooperation between China and African countries in energy and industrial sectors is key to accelerate recovery from Covid-19-related shocks, experts said.

China and Africa, according to experts, need to work for the creation of robust indigenous manufacturing.

He said that Sino-Africa cooperation in the manufacturing and energy sectors is key to realize a prosperous, equitable and greener post-Covid future for the two long-standing bilateral allies.

Kenya hosted a day-long experts’ forum under the theme of “China-Africa Cooperation on Energy and Industrialization in Post-Covid-19 Era” ahead of the 2021 Forum on China Africa Cooperation summit slated for November in Dakar, Senegal.

Zhang Yijun, minister counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, said Beijing is committed to a healthy partnership with Africa to help the continent achieve energy security, propel growth of the manufacturing sector.

Zhang said China is a global leader in harnessing renewable energy sources, adding collaboration with African countries will enable them to tap into their vast reservoir of solar and wind power to fuel low carbon growth.

“China will encourage its businesses to conduct closer cooperation with their African partners in clean energy such as photovoltaic, wind power, nuclear, hydrogen and biomass energy,” said Zhang.

Peter Kagwanja, chief executive officer of Africa Policy Institute, noted that China has for decades provided the capital, technology and expertise required to grow Africa’s energy and manufacturing sectors.

“China is not a newcomer to Africa’s energy and industrial sectors. It has invested in hydro, geothermal and gas plants in the continent,” said Kagwanja.