Why is this the best time to get the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer?

It’s graduation season! After years of hard work, it’s time to don your graduation gown and after-party outfit. Now, don’t ever think about skipping the washing just because of the weather. Look your best while also feeling all confident and comfortable with your laundered garments using the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer.

The Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer enables 360˚ heat circulation which can dry your clothes fast, way more efficient than hanging them in front of an electric fan. As this graduation season may also be quite unique due to the pandemic, it pays to stay extra protected. Simple washing and drying cannot completely remove all harmful germs and bacteria so good thing, this innovative home essential emits up to 5 million/cm3 negative ions that will keep your clothes disinfected. When it comes to the organization department, you can put it up throughout the season and wheel it through your space or if you’re back to hanging your clothes dry outside, you can dismantle it anytime and fit it underneath your couch.

March with pride wearing your speckless graduation OOTD. Get the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer now for P3,500. For more information, visit:

Cherry Shop PH: www.cherryshop.com.ph