Elvis Presley movie reminded Priscilla Presley of King’s frightening habit

This week Elvis hit rental streaming services for the first time, so fans of Elvis Presley can relive the Baz Lurhmann epic at any point. Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife, has been promoting the film and praising Austin Butler for his performance.

But this included the rougher parts of Elvis’ life, as well.

Priscilla was recently interviewed by Piers Morgan to discuss the exceptional movie.

During the chat, she spoke candidly about how much she enjoyed seeing 30-year-old Austin play the singer.

“Hands down,” she said. “It was better than anyone.” She added that her daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis, was “very emotional” when she saw the film.

But Austin’s performance was a little too good in some spots of the film.

Priscilla confessed: “My god, it was like watching Elvis! His movements, his smirk, his walk, his attitude.”

Deepening her voice to make her point, she added: “His temper! It was like reincarnation. It was beautifully done.”

Although Elvis was a loving and caring husband to Priscilla, there were flashes of pure anger from him.

And it sounds like Austin’s portrayal reminded Priscilla just how furious Elvis could get at his direst moments.

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Priscilla, who was not yet married to Elvis at the time, wrote: “He grabbed my arm, throwing me on the bed, and while demonstrating how hard I had thrown the pillows, he accidentally hit me in the eye.” (Via CheatSheet)

The young woman developed a black eye almost instantly as she accused the star of “hitting her on purpose”.

He denied this, of course, before screaming at her once again.

He shouted: “You’re not a god damn man!”

Priscilla also opened up about being “very nervous” about the movie’s production.

She told Piers: “To be honest with you was very nervous about it because of Baz Luhrmann.

“As we all know, Baz has his own unique style – which is very good – but I just didn’t know how he was going to portray Elvis… so I was very concerned.”