Charles Bronson: Britain’s most notorious prisoner issues desperate plea for help

The 69-year-old, who was jailed aged 22, has called for the Justice Secretary to give him a free pardon. The former bare-knuckle boxer, born Michael Peterson, was originally sentenced to seven years for armed robbery in 1974.

Besides two short spells of freedom – from 1987 to 1988 and 1992 to 1993 – he has been in jail ever since.

Bronson’s term was extended to life imprisonment due to his dangerous behaviour such as attacks on inmates and prison staff.

He has spent much time in prison in solitary confinement.

The inmate, who is now known as Charles Salvador, is now campaigning to have his next parole hearing in public, in what would be a first in Britain.

Speaking from his cell at Woodhill jail, Bronson said it was “absolute liberty” he was still behind bars.

In an audio message to Sky News, he said: “I bet you can’t believe I’m still in, can you?

“It’s an absolute liberty. I’m 70 years old now, 70 years old. I’ve never murdered anyone; I’ve never raped anyone.

“What am I in jail for? People don’t believe it. They think I’m a serial killer.”

In a letter to Metro, he said the last 20 years of his sentence has been “nothing but revenge”.

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His solicitor Dean Kingham urged Justice Secretary Dominic Raab to grant Bronson a free pardon.

Mr Kingham wrote in the letter: “You have the power under the Prerogative of Mercy to grant Mr Salvador’s release without requiring him to go in front of the Parole Board… he has not been violent for a significant number of years and his risk is primarily towards prison governors.

“The evidence in excess of the last five years is clear that his risk of violence has significantly reduced.

“The argument is that if he’s been able to demonstrate that he’s not violent in very high-risk situations in custody towards staff, governors, etc. then the risk falls away if he’s released into the public because historically, whilst there was a risk to the public, it’s never been as severe as that towards prison staff and governors.

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“There is very good psychological research evidence that as someone ages the risk of violence decreases.

“When someone approaches 70 the research shows that the risk drops off to zero. Now, he’s at that age bracket.”

Bronson will now submit a new parole application after his legal team won a High Court ruling to establish a prisoner’s right to a parole hearing in public.

He added in his audio message: “I’m the first man in Britain to have a public one and the reason I’m doing that is I’m going to expose the system for what it’s done to me.

“It’s all coming out in the wash, my side of the story, and the truth is mate, it’s going to shock the planet.”

He added: “And between you and me I can still do 95 press-ups in 30 seconds, so I’m still the guv’nor. Good luck, your old china Charlie.”

Bronson was first jailed for seven years in 1974, aged 22, for armed robbery.

However, more time to his stretch was added due to attacks on guards and fellow prisoners.

He was first released in 1987, but was soon back in jail.

In total, he has spent over 40 years inside.