EU is doomed to fail! And Macron is to blame – Brexiteer’s warning to bloc

Macron announced a €30bn (£25.4bn) multichannel plan that includes investment in green energy, smaller nuclear reactors, medical research and even television series and video games funding.

However, according to the assistant editor of and entrepreneur Jonathan Saxty, this 90-minute speech by Macron was proof “the EU is doomed to fail.”

In a column for The Telegraph, he writes: “Like the UK, France has suffered years of industrial decline, stymied as it has also been by labour-market laws.

“Mr Macron’s announcement could have put Europe first, not merely France.

“Even if the President was appeasing the French people, the fact he felt this necessary speaks volume.”

Macron focused most of his presentation on France as an upcoming industrial leader.

“We must wage the battle of innovation and industrialisation at the same time,” he said.

“We need a country that produces more.”

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“The President could have spoken about levelling up the south or east of Europe,” writes Mr Saxty.

“He could have talked in terms of Europe leading the world in growth sectors, not merely France.

“Instead, he chose not to.”

To the Brexiteer, the European Union is doomed because of a lack of cultural cohesion.

“The EU lacks sufficient shared identity and purpose of the kind which genuine national unions need to function”, he says.

“England may not like subsidising Northern Ireland but it accepts it as the price of union, even while acknowledging that poorer regions should in fact be levelled up.

“This is what sets genuine unions apart from ersatz blocs like the EU.

“Cultural proximity is what counts.

“This is why Hungary and Poland have each other’s back, and why the Nordic states understand each other.”

During his speech, Mr Macron also mentioned what France 2030 can do hand in hand with the European Union.

He said France must work towards productive autonomy not only at home but also in Europe in a broad area of new industries.