FMQs LIVE: ‘Playing into Putin’s hands!’ Sturgeon issued grim warning about indyref2 plot

The Queen’s death was expected to bump support for the union because of the late-monarch’s deep connection with the country, a royal commentator has suggested. 

Jonathan Sacerdoti, a journalist and royal expert who is a regular contributor to Sky News and the BBC, told “I suspected over the last few days there would have been a bump in support for the Union in Scotland, and that’s because I think the Queen was Queen of Scots, as well as the Queen of the United Kingdom and Queen down here in the south.

“The fact that she died in Scotland, and her first part of her journey before her funeral on Monday was through Scotland was not just a question of practical concerns, it was also deeply symbolic and represented her massive commitment to Scotland and genuine personal passion.

“I think that Prince Charles is also seen as somebody with a deep personal connection to Scotland.”

However, Mr Sacerdoti cautioned: “Whether or not it will be a permanent shift in opinion, I think remains to be seen.”