Military assures safety, security of foreigners in PHL after Japan terror attack warning in SEA countries

The military assured on Tuesday the safety and security of Japanese and other foreigners in the country following the warning of the Japanese government for its citizens in the Philippines and five other countries in Southeast Asia to be wary of possible attacks.

“We ensure that all citizens, Filipinos or not, as long as they are within our territory, are protected and kept safe from terrorists’ threats,” the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said through its spokesman Ramon Zagala.

The Japanese foreign ministry warned on Monday its citizens in Southeast Asia, including in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar to be mindful of possible terrorism without elaborating.

The Japanese government, without citing sources, said it had obtained information about the “increased risks” of attacks in Southeast Asia “such as suicide bombings,” a warning that puzzled security officials in the region.

Still, the military is not taking Japan’s warning lightly, although according to Zagala, they have not receive any report yet about the threats of terrorism and other attacks, especially against Japanese citizens in the country.

“We take seriously all received reports that pertains to security matters, especially on terrorism. We constantly validate all reports on security matters and it is a continuous process,” the military spokesman said.

Zagala said that based on the military’s last review of the threat level in the country, it is categorized as “moderate.”

He said the military is sustaining its campaign against all forms of terrorism and violence in the country through an intensified internal security operations.