Putin fury as he BLOCKS inspections agreed in last remaining nuclear treaty with US

Vladimir Putin has called time on activities under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). This was drafted by the US and Russia in 2009 and signed a year later. It was established for the limitation of strategic offensive arms.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was withdrawing its objects subject to inspection under the treaty from inspection activities.

It stressed that the move was “temporary”.

This, it added, was allowed for within the Treaty’s own Protocol.

The Ministry said it had chosen to suspend inspections due to US antagonization.

It explained: “The Russian Federation is now forced to resort to this measure due to Washington’s persistent desire to achieve a restart of inspection activities on terms that do not take into account existing realities, create unilateral advantages for the United States and actually deprive the Russian Federation of the right to carry out inspections on American territory.

“Our goal is to eliminate such an unacceptable situation…

“[We also hope to] ensure that all START mechanisms operate in strict accordance with the principles of parity and equality of the parties, as implied in its harmonisation and entry into force.”

These principles, it said, “are not being followed at this time”.

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Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “Moscow has repeatedly talked about the need to start such negotiations as soon as possible because there is little time left.

“If the treaty ceases to exist without being replaced with something sound, then it will have the most negative impact on world security and stability.”

Reports show that New START was only days from expiring when it was renewed last year.

The striking of a new deal this time around could, however, this time be more difficult given the ongoing war in Ukraine and the tensions that are now abounding as a result of this.