Queen Elizabeth influenced UK legislations: Report

UK Queen Elizabeth has used an arcane mechanism to influence number of legislations in the recent decades, reports The Guardian. The centuries-old mechanism is called Queen’s Consent. As opposed to royal assent, which is just a formal stamp of royal approval before a bill becomes a law, The Queen’s consent may refer to queen being given access to legislations before they are presented in parliaments across the UK.

The Guardian said that it had obtained a Scottish parliament memo to support the claim. The investigative report says that the mechanism of Queen’s consent has been used in recent decades to vet legislations before they are presented in the parliament. The investigation revealed that as many as 67 legislations were vetted by the queen before they were tabled in the legislature.

The queen’s representative reportedly refused to reveal how many times the mechanism has been used.

Queen Elizabeth and the royal family are supposed to be neutral as far as politics in the UK is concerned. The queen’s position is supposed to be that of a ceremonial head. If the claims in the report are further substantiated by more such investigations, there is a likelihood that Queen Elizabeth’s public image will take a beating.

Several polls have shown that British people are not as ardent followers of the royal family as they were in past. Numerous scandals, and controversies have meant that public image of the royals is relatively less robust.

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